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Trashion Show

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

By Dang Minh Thu 9J

It was fantastic and impressive to see the different outfits that all of the classes had presented when each class only had 1 week to create, design and make the clothes. Students in Secondary from Year 7 to Year 13 created clothes for boys and girls that represent a theme that they have chosen. It was very hard for the judges, who were Ms. Jane, Ms. Sue and a fashion designer from outside of the school. They all contributed in deciding the winner for the Trashion show.

First place went to 10C, second place went to 11W and in joint second place was 10L and 8D. While 11W aimed for a spy/detective look, 10C took on the theme of overfishing, 10L dressed themselves as princess Cinderella and 8D’s outfits were in the style of a wedding.

There were a lot of materials that were recycled and reused in this Trashion show. Here are just a few materials that were used: plastic, fake leaves, cartoon box, bottle cap, plastic bag, paper, old fabric, Styrofoam, bottle cans. In the end, it can almost be guaranteed that the people that have contributed to making these clothes and can feel proud of what they have achieved to make.


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