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Top 3 Restaurants to try out during the weekend.

Saigon is a big city with a myriad of new restaurants every month, and my hobby is basically going to try different spots every weekend and explore these exquisite restaurants for myself and friends.

First, I visited one of the most popular diners in Saigon. Founded by Masuko, a Japanese man, the restaurant was named Pizza 4P's, with its vision to make the world smile "For Peace." Their main dishes are mostly pasta and pizza with different optional toppings, and they are also famous for their cheese production. These are five dishes I recommend you should try based on my personal taste.

- Burrata with Parma Ham & Mixed Tropical Fruits

- Crab Tomato Cream Spaghetti with Ricotta Cheese

- Roasted Duck with Dalat Figs and Beets Purée

- Pizza: Half Salmon Miso Cream, Half 4 Cheese

- Dessert: Fondant Chocolate Cake with House-made Vanilla Ice-cream.

Following on, I also recommend 030 Cuisine. Placed in district 1, 030 Cuisine is an Asian-European fusion comfort food restaurant, with a combination between Western dishes (taco, pasta) and Asian signature ingredients. The founder of this diner was a young and passionate Vietnamese man, who lived in Berlin for a long time. These are the three dishes I would recommend everyone to try:

- Spicy Kimchi Seafood Pasta

- Nori Tacos

- Truffle Beef Ponzu

Finally, I would also love to recommend Baozi, a famous Taiwanese restaurant located in District 1. They offer different types of buns and even a bar that serves cocktails, which all comes in a sleek and elegant red-black design, creating an image of a small Chinatown in Saigon. Their signature dishes are made to be suitable for Vietnamese people’s taste, including:

-Taiwanese Beef Noodles

-Beef Wrapped Egg Yolk

-Char Siu Buns

These are the top three places where you can hang out with your family, friends or even partner, with delicious food from different countries. Moreover, their comfortable and classic vibe would never disappoint you.

Eva - Y11


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