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Feeling of student about the entire year at RISS

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

By Nguyen Ly Tra My (Rose) 9J

The full year at RISS was such a memorable time in which students have gone through a tough time as there were so many things happening.

On the 24th of June, we will all go through the summer break. RISS students will finally have a chance to let their hair down and relax before the next academic year starts. Hence, we have interviewed RISS students with questions discussing or reflecting on their year at RISS.

Here is a breakdown of some students' feelings as the last semester comes to an end.


In general, students tend to discuss things that are related to activities or subjects that they have experienced throughout the year. For example, some students have found interest when they learned how to play a new instrument which they used to perform with their band outside school. Some students have had the chan

ce to go on interesting trips like the puppet show. While some have worked with their class on the Trashion show or played in the chess tournament. It is especially commendable that some have even stepped out of their comfort zone and tried their hands at a new field, for instance: MUN, sports teams, and theatre. Furthermore, many EAL students have said that they feel thrilled as their English skills have improved substantially, several of which have graduated. Although the first semester has been going quite well with the pre-planning event, it is a shame that this last semester had events canceled that student were looking forward to due to the Coronavirus.


The 4 months spent on e-learning have brought along many memories. Students say they miss their friends a lot, so it was only expected that they called each other a lot, some of them calling every day (there was a bunch of hilarious things that they have gone through when it comes to friends). In terms of lessons, some students have shared how difficult it was going through e-learning just because of their house WIFI. However, in the end, they all then gained more knowledge within the lesson. Outside online learning, some students even told me how they mastered a new instrument at school or how they got to overcome the sadness of receiving a low score on a test, and how they had all improved so much.


One common response most of the interviewees gave to the question “How do you feel as the last semester approaches the end?” was that “Time flew by so fast.” I agree with them and have left some advice for them in the last paragraph of this article.


Students at RISS all hope to study some interesting things next year and will aim to do better than this year; most will also attempt to fulfill each of their own goals.

After getting to admire our students' thoughts, I also hope that RISS students will get to enjoy all the moments you have and be happy with them. Do all your best and do what you want so that you will not regret as you have not done it well or and think “Time flew by so fast.” Finally, just relax and do not force yourself to do something beyond your ability this summer.


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