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Canteen food gone wrong?

With new changes coming into our school, there have been mixed responses. Specifically, our school cafeteria has been receiving both praise and criticism. This has resulted in both likes and dislikes of the new system which were expressed by both students and parents in a form sent by parliament.

Firstly, having a new company for the cafeteria means unfamiliar systems and different selections of food, so what does the students think about the changes?

In the survey created by the parliament; 60 percent of the students found the new ordering system to be as efficient while 40 percent find it even more efficient than the older cafeteria system. Furthermore, the newly installed pre-ordering system slightly decreases the waiting time for food. Therefore, most of our students were satisfied with the new ordering system and found it better compared to previous years.

Secondly, with new changes in the cafeteria, there were also changes in the quality of food being produced. Based on the reviews given by students, at least 70 percent believed there was an improvement in the quality of the food being produced compared to previous years. While 30 percent of students taste no change in the quality of the food.

Additionally, the selection of food has garnered controversial results with half of the students finding the current selection to be better than that of previous year’s while the other half found the selection to be lacking in vegetables and variety, Meanwhile, the selection of meat was average, and fruits and desserts are more well-received. However, it is worth mentioning that our school provides a salad bar that compromises the quantity of vegetables in a meal set. Overall, results show that most people eating school lunch have found enhancements to the food and are content with the snacks being given out with our meals.

Lastly, many people had issues about the pricing. The main gripe about the food is its price (140K VND) was too expensive. Due to the prices being higher, there have been reviews from parents as well questioning the price change, however, the rise in price was reasoned. As mentioned during assembly, the pricing change is due to the quality of food improving and change in cater company. Despite having a few questions about the price, many students and teachers have started to grow used to both the quality of food and the amount being paid.

To summarize, there were mixed reviews regarding the new cafeteria due to many students having troubles accustoming with the catering company at first due to its new systems. Regardless, many students have grown used to the prices and quality of the food.

Vivian and Jenny


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