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A New Chapter

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

By Jenny & Vivian 10G

Covid has created a huge impact on all of our lives in a blink of an eye, from the hobbies we enjoy to the studies we do every weekday, our everyday routines were replaced with learning to adapt to this abrupt change in circumstances, which left many of us surprised and unmotivated. However, things are changing, for example, our school is aiming to focus on its students’ voices meaning house events will become more inclusive and no longer be just sports. Moreover, our school's parliament is focusing on balancing work load and allowing younger students to develop Round Square IDEALS and learn to be independent.

Parliament is changing to become a more student-voice-focused community, that is, there is no longer just the head boy and head girl shouldering all the responsibilities, rather, parliament now contain smaller committees such as the House Events committee, the FOBISIA committee, the Eco committee, the Round Square committee, and the Service Committee. By having these committees, it allows younger students in parliament to develop skills such as leadership and problem-solving skills, which is an extremely crucial skill to have! Furthermore, with the revised system, this allows the work to be balanced and fair for every parliament student and allows for a more organized system. Overall, by dismantling the previous hierarchical system and delegate tasks to smaller groups within parliament, it allows the younger students to have a chance at leading events and solving issues, helping develop the younger students’ crucial skills that will help them in the future!

Another aspect that parliament is working on is revising the House points. Every year our school hosts the same mandatory house events where students attend with “gaining house points” as their motivation, however, a little birdy told me that this year’s events will be completely different, a whole new approach! To provide more insight, our school is shifting their approach into a more student-focused perspective. Which is to say, there are up and coming house events that will cater more towards a variety of student activities. This allows students to feel more included and will heighten their interests. Since this has never been done before, everything is still very much under wraps and still highly theoretical, however, one thing is for sure, our school this year will be hosting many new events- events that you probably can’t even see coming or imagine so please continue to stay on the edge!

Overall, there are multiple major aspects that are hoped to be addressed this school year. Additionally, our school is working hard to fulfil our wishes which puts faith and assurance in the student body that their voices are being heard. With the fresh and new upcoming events, we hope to see more students participating in activities as now there is a wider range of events.


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